Here is a list of cemeteries found in Page County, Iowa.

  Page County, Iowa - Cemeteries

(*Church Cemetery)
Cemetery Approx. Address Nearest City Township
BAKER CEMETERY 1875 202nd St. Norwich Tarkio (28)
BETHESDA CEMETERY* 2473 140th St. Bethesda Douglas (21)
BLANCHARD CEMETERY 1987 322nd St. Blanchard Colfax (33)
BRADDYVILLE CEMETERY 2860 320th St. Braddyville Amity (36)
BURCH CEMETERY 3202 V Ave. Braddyville Buchanan (34)
BUTLER CEMETERY 2849 280th Ave. Shambaugh Amity (1)
CLARINDA CEMETERY Clarinda City Clerk—1120 N. 16th St. Clarinda Nodaway (30)
CLARINDA STATE HOSPITAL CEMETERY Clarinda Treatment Complex—2797 200th St. Clarinda Nodaway (30)
COOPER CEMETERY (aka/Pin Hook or Pleasant Hill) 2335 T Ave. Clarinda East River (18)
COVENANTER* - Reformed Presbyterian Church 2690 250th St. Clarinda Harlan (22-23)
DAVIS CEMETERY 2490 T Ave. Clarinda East River (20)
DAVISON CEMETERY (1 stone) 3121 V Ave.   Buchanan (28)
DRAKE CEMETERY (no stones) 1440 200th St.   Grant (23)
ELMWOOD CEMETERY Coin City Clerk—2725 H Ave. Coin Colfax (6)
ESSEX CEMETERY/St. John’s Lutheran Essex City Clerk-west ½--1450 E Ave.
St. John’s*-east 1/2
Essex Pierce (25)
FAIRVIEW CEMETERY 3198 130th Ln. Hepburn Valley (22)
FISHBAUGH (2 family graves) 2037 F Ave.   Grant (25)
FRANKLIN GROVE CEMETERY 1395 110th St. Essex Pierce (3)
GROVE CEMETERY 2341 290th St. College Springs Amity (7)
HADDEN CEMETERY 1250 F Ave. Essex Fremont (18)
HAWLEYVILLE CEMETERY 1825 W Ave. Hawleyville Nebraska (13)
HOUSER CEMETERY 1690 300th St. Northboro Washington (24)
IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CEMETERY* 2600 160th St. Clarinda Nodaway (2)
LEE GROVE CEMETERY 2650 224th St. Clarinda Harlan (10)
MAPLE HILL CEMETERY 2430 298th St. College Springs Amity (18)
MEMORY CEMETERY (OLD & NEW) 2430 Xavier Pl. New Market East River (1 & 12)
MT. HOPE CEMETERY (NYMAN) 1145 Ironwood Ave. Essex Fremont (10)
NORTH GROVE CEMETERY 3350 140th Hepburn  Valley (25)
NORTH PAGE (POLLOCK) CEMETERY 2750 110th St. Hepburn Douglas (12)
OAK GROVE CEMETERY 3055 210th St. Clarinda Nodaway (28)
PLUM THICKET CEMETERY North of 110th St. & Ironwood Essex Fremont (3)
POLSLEY CEMETERY North of 2080 230th St. Yorktown Lincoln (10)
ROSE HILL (Kramer) CEMETERY United Brethren in Christ Church—1551 Redwood Ave. Clarinda Valley (31)
SHEARER CEMETERY 3021 X Ave. Braddyville Buchanan (23)
SHENANDOAH-ROSE HILL CEMETERY Shenandoah City Clerk—E. Carter Shenandoah Grant (20)
SMITH CEMETERY (Martin Cemetery)--Private 1330 280th St.   Washington (9)
SNOW HILL CEMETERY 2465 H Ave. Coin Lincoln (19)
SUMMIT CEMETERY 2000 M. Ave. Yorktown Nodaway (19)
UNION GROVE CEMETERY 1365 310th St. Northboro Washington (21)
AARON VISE CEMETERY 3332 210th St. Clarinda Nebraska (36)
WEBB CEMETERY (Private)     Nebraska (15)

First Baptist Church

Fairview Church of Christ

Hillside Missionary Church

New Life Assembly of God